Tané Hermetic Especialistas en puertas herméticas

We open the doors of our company and we list 102 reasons to choose us.
They are grouped into sections, in which we are going to share with you all our values, reflections and some of the experiences that working at Tané Hermetic has given us and continues to give us.

We are happy to be where we are, and we want to show you that we endeavour to strive for 100 years more!

because of

our great equip

1. We are people and we love what we do.

2. We are technical specialists.

3. We are rigorous professionals as regards the process.

4. We design doors as if they were for our own home.

5. We love making doors.

6. We take pride in what we do.

7. It is the most important thing behind a Tané door.

8. We, as a team, are highly involved in our task.

9. We are innovative and efficient.

10. We can make mistakes, but we have never let anyone down.

11. We are a family company, a sector leader, with a good working atmosphere.

our great


Finding the ideal team is a challenge, a necessity and a goal for any company. People are what drive projects forward, with enthusiasm, responsibility and professionalism.

our world:
the door

12. Regardless of the 102 years that we have under our belt, behind every door lies the spirit of making a tool that lasts a lifetime.

13. Once sold and fitted, we want it to be integrated into our customers’ homes and forgotten until the next extension.

14. The most valued products pass through the Tané door.

15. It is worthwhile over time, even if it is more expensive at the time of purchase.

16. The most demanding customers always want a Tané door.

17. Most customers who have tried a Tané door come back for more.

18. We blend technology and craftsmanship.

19. The product is finished by hand by people.

20. We manufacture specific doors.

21. We have a broad range of doors.

our world:<br class="visible-xs">


A highly complete product range. Specific doors for every industrial or commercial need. With a variety of technical possibilities and finishes. Elegant while simultaneously innovative. There are no conditions that a Tané door cannot overcome.

because of

how we do it

22. We like things done properly and we are demanding in our work.

23. We are conscious of gender equality.

24. We offer a friendly, close and customised service, giving advice and guidance.

25. We have improved our customer-service management, project follow-up, maintenance, care in case of unforeseen events, measurements, etc.

26. We are the kind of people who still get cross when we make mistakes.

27. We facilitate product distribution and meet delivery deadlines.

28. We have grown and learned with our customers.

29. Every day we learn something new and we like to share it.

30. We work with commitment and determination.

31. We are not ashamed to admit when we have made a mistake.

32. We like to go against the grain and be creative.

<span>how</span> we do it


Our way of doing things is the result of many years of work, searching and investigating how to improve processes to obtain increasingly better results.

because of

our history

33. We are proud of what we do, where we come from and the work we have done.

34. We are a company with a long-standing history and we want to continue to be so.

35. We do not depend on a financial holding company.

36. It bears my family’s name.

37. We are undoubtedly among those who have spent the longest number of years making mistakes.

38. We firmly believe in the quality of our product and our experience vouches for this.

39. We have been opening doors to the world for over 100 years.

40. We have a long-standing history in the industry.

41. Prestige is not earned alone.

42. We have the best customers in the world.


L’empenta d’un fundador, la necessitat de donar un servei a les indústries i una continuïtat en la direcció sempre ferma en aquests principis i en els valors de fer equip i confiança al llarg dels anys.


because of

the location

43. The location is strategic.

44. The facilities are regularly modernised.

45. We have good communications.

46. We cherish a natural and privileged environment.

47. The location facilitates provision of domestic service and exports.

48. We have an exhibition showroom.

49. The work sections have their own specific and innovative space.

50. The total surface area of 26,000 m2 is prepared for future extensions. 

<span>the location</span>


because of

the quality

51. Our guarantee is more than a guarantee.

52. It’s not worthwhile for us to cut corners on materials.

53. When you buy a Tané door, you buy peace of mind.

54. We are filled with pride when a customer asks us for spare parts for a door that is more than thirty years old.

55. Often, if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.

56. We comply with the guidelines of current regulations and quality controls.

57. The materials and finishes are of the highest quality.

58. We guarantee the properties of what we close.

59. We are at the forefront of technological progress.


Approval and compliance with very strict certifications, together with custom finishes, are a guarantee of quality doors that will have a long length of service.

because of

custom-made solutions

60. We build fully customised, made to measure, handmade doors.

61. We love challenges.

62. We like to take risks, keeping our feet on the ground.

63. Although we have no need to prove anything to anyone, if we have to, we do.

64. People who know what they want have a Tané door.

65. We adapt the product to suit the consumer’s demands.

66. We are flexible and adapt to demands.

67. We are strict with deadlines.

68. We provide exclusivity in the end product.

69. We provide solutions and we are increasingly asked for more and more complicated doors.


because of

constant innovation

70. We want to continue to be number 1.

71. We have realised that by using more and better materials, doors last longer and have fewer issues.

72. Being a benchmark brand is not easy.

73. We are constantly seeking genuine properties and quality in the materials used.

74. We are constantly renewing our machinery.

75. We innovate both in materials and in the models of products offered.

76. We have a team of engineers designing new systems.

77. We are committed to powerful design and calculation teams and we invest in them.

78. We blend tradition and innovation with quality and exclusivity


El món evoluciona ràpid i nosaltres amb ell. Els temps canvien i les maneres de fer també. Ens anem adaptant i moltes vegades ens avancem als nous temps per donar totes les facilitats i solucions que els mercats van exigint. La tecnologia és la nostra aliada i anem de la mà per donar resposta als mercat d’avui i de demà.

because of

our vision of the future

79. Being a benchmark means always being at the forefront.

80. We have done everything, but we have everything to do.

81. We have facilities with cutting-edge machinery.

82. We are committed to sustainability.

83. We cannot afford to make mistakes.

84. We encourage the investment made by each customer in our doors to be a productive seed planted to be able to carry on the business, which ultimately benefits us all.

85. We reduce our CO2 footprint and, among other actions, we have fitted photovoltaic panels.

86. We are committed to the territory and the environment.

87. We ensure the performance of our door closures.

88. We make doors with an efficient design built to last

<span>our vision</span> of the future

We are ahead of the times, adapting to be able to work in a streamlined and efficient way. We take up projects with responsibility and professionalism, working as a team and in partnership with the customer, with unbeatable results for finishes, quality and durability.


we are social

89. We are aware of our origins.

90. We come from where we come from.

91. We want to make life simple for those around us.

92. We are a company that is active and rooted in the territory.

93. We collaborate in many projects and entities.

94. We collaborate with sporting entities.

95. We collaborate with culture and shows.

96. We are involved in associations and local festivities.

97. We participate with entities advocating for innovation and knowledge.

98. Every year we build a peculiar and artistic Christmas tree.

we are


and more


… an antique door that has come into existence at the hands of a carpenter, a specialist in finishes, hand drawn and sold striving for the best possible quality. This door is still in use today, we still offer spare parts and repair it, but many of those who designed it or made it are perhaps no longer here. The fact that this door can provide service in the aggressive environment in which it works is a success of the hands and minds that created it, and it is still in service because we are a team that still makes this possible.


… throughout all these years, our ongoing evolution and innovation, professionalism, courage and determination, have made us a leading brand in the industry and have enabled us to make our doors available worldwide. The customer is our priority. This is our hallmark and our guarantee. We have the door you need and, if not, we adapt. Our professionals will seek the best solutions.


… the quality of our products is superior to our competitors. We can say that, aside from manufacturing doors for life, they are not only doors, but we manufacture doors that are machines! This is the message that we want to send to you: DOOR MACHINES FOR LIFE.


A story in 102 years of history

I started at Tané on 16 January 1984. It was a sunny day with a pleasant temperature despite being in winter. After settling in at my workspace, I had the opportunity to see the KM3, a tall, slender sliding door that proudly moved by means of pulleys sliding along a rail where two notches pressed the rollers along their path. The door dropped down and gently swung over a frame lined with sheet metal. It was an AIRTIGHT door! Someone explained to me that the invention came from the Netherlands, from a certain Markus, who found an airtight solution at home playing with a drawer. For over 40 years, the old KM3 has looked askance at the successive changes in the doors around it, with overwhelming airs of modernisation, automation and digitalisation.

Nonetheless, today, the old and proud KM3 has not stopped opening and closing elegantly, but most importantly, it is still AIRTIGHT!









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